Four Things To Know About Giving CBD To Cats

Cannabidiol oil is considered a miracle cure for all diseases. Giving CBD to pets such as dogs and cats works just like vitamins do to the body. Cats and humans have strikingly similar endocannabinoid systems. Therefore, the effects of CBD oil on cats and humans would be pretty similar, and the benefits of Cannabidiol oils to humans are not hidden from the world. cdb for cats is known for its pain reduction, anxiety elimination, and calming properties, and it also has medicinal and therapeutic properties that make it a favorite among pet parents.

If you are a cat owner and want to give Cannabidiol oil to your cats, know it is safe. However, you should know this in detail before starting the dosage. Read this article to understand how CBD is safe and helpful when given to cats. 

Cannabidiol Oil Is Safe for Cats 

Not much is known on this subject. With the necessary research on cats, it has been found that CBD for cats is safe when given the correct dosage. Hence, follow the recommendations of your vet thoroughly when giving CBD to your cat. Also, a few cat owners have reported that after giving CBD to their cats, it has started showing some improved signs of the troubles that were being faced. 

If you notice something unusual after starting CBD dosage, consider reducing the dose amount and see what happens. If the problem persists, maybe try stopping it entirely for some time.  

Four Things To Know About Giving CBD To Cats

Your Vet Should Know You Are Giving CBD To Your Cat

Do not hide the fact that you are giving CBD dosages to your cat from your vet. Also, this information will come in handy if your pet is undergoing other treatments. It will help them plan their treatment procedures accordingly. 

Cats can also have anxiety. You will know that they are going through anxiety through signs like reduced appetite, increased urination, etc. In such scenarios, the vet will himself advise administering this drug. CBD helps calm cats down and also reduces anxiety. 

All CBD Products You Buy Should Have COA

COA is the certificate of analysis that is a must-have with every CBD product. This proves that the product is tested before launch and mentions the number of cannabinoids in the product. If a company maintains a standardized practice of providing a COA along with its product, it speaks volumes about the brand. Hence, even if it takes you to spend extra, always go with a product that has COA. 

You Must Monitor Your Cat After Administering The Dose

This point goes well for CBD and every new product you start giving to your cat. Monitor their behavior for a few days in the beginning and notice all possible side effects. If you start drugs for the first time, you may notice some unusual behavior. It is advised to discuss the change in behavior with your vet. Write down a few things like the dosages, time, and differences in their behavior after that. All these changes are normal, and you have nothing to worry about.

Final Word

Cannabidiol oil has numerous advantages, like it helps to deal with anxiety, depression, etc., and has proven to be beneficial for humans and animals. However, before giving it to your pet, call the vet and ask about the prescribed dosage. Also, start with small doses and gradually increase the dosage, as recommended. 


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