Coffee is a drink brewed from the roasted coffee beans. It was first discovered accidentally by some Shepherds at around the 9th century. At present coffee is the second most widely consumed commodity of the world. There are many variants of coffee like espresso, cappuccino, latte, Mocha, etc.

It is one of the most widely consumed beverages that provides numerous health benefits, and as well as beauty benefits to our skin and hair. In this article, we will know about the various health and beauty benefits of coffee in detail.


Health Benefits of Coffee

Health And Beauty Benefits of coffee

(1) Coffee Is Rich In Antioxidants

The antioxidants are very important for our health as they fight with the free radicals of our body and stabilize them, and thus protects our body from the free radical damage which can otherwise cause serious problems like cancer.

Antioxidants also help in providing relief from inflammation and are helpful in getting relief from arthritis, atherosclerosis, etc.

Fruits and vegetables are the prime sources of antioxidants but you’ll be happy to know that Coffee is also a great source for getting a good number of antioxidants.

Scientists have identified around 1000 antioxidants in the unprocessed coffee beans, and it has also be found that hundreds of antioxidants get formed later that the roasting stage of coffee beans.

There is an antioxidant called, “ Chlorogenic acid”  which is believed to help in preventing cardiovascular diseases, and this antioxidant is found exclusively in coffee only.

The number of antioxidants found in coffee is even more than those found in green tea and cocoa, which are considered as antioxidants superstars.

(2) Drinking Coffee Provides Relief From Stress

Both Stress and Sleep Deprivation are bad for our health.

If you are suffering from stress then you will find it difficult to get proper sleep and not get getting enough sleep will make you, even more, stressful. This is just like a cyclic process which can have a very negative effect on our health.

Some researchers at the Seoul National University had examined the brains of rats who were stressed with sleep deprivation, and it has been found that rats who were exposed to coffee aromas were less stressful ( as analyzed by the brain proteins tied to stress) compared to those who were exposed to the coffee aroma.

In other ways, this study shows that just smelling the aroma of coffee can make you less stressful and relaxed.

However, it is important to remember that this study of coffee aroma relates to the stress felt as a result of sleep deprivation, and not with the stress itself.

(3) Drinking Coffee Lessens Symptoms Of Parkinson’s Disease.

Parkinson’s is a neurological disorder that affects our movement.

It happens when certain nerve cells responsible for the production of Dopamine ( an important chemical responsible for sending signals to the part of the brain which control movement)  starts breaking down. The actual cause of Parkinson’s is not known and this makes it more problematic. (source).

As per a report published by Ronald Postuma, MD in ScienceDaily ( in the year 2012), it was reported that drinking coffee may help the Parkinsons patients in controlling their movement.

This is because caffeine present in coffee not only reduces the risk of development of Parkinson’s disease but also help those who are already suffering from Parkinson’s

(4) Drinking Coffee Is Good For Liver ( Especially If you Drink Alcohol )

Consumption of alcohol is bad for our liver and excessive consumption of alcohol can cause an autoimmune disease of the liver which can cause liver failure and/or give rise to liver cancer.

Consumption of coffee is good for our liver and also in protecting it from the damage caused by alcohol.

As per a 2006 study including 125,000 people over 22 years, it was found that people who drank, at least, one cup of coffee every day were 20 percent less likely to develop liver cirrhosis.

As per the lead author “ Arthur L Klatsky” of the study, it was found that more coffee a person consumes, less likely he is going to die or be hospitalized because of Alcoholic Cirrhosis.

The study also found that consumption of coffee also prevents people from developing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

As per another research, it was found that consumption of four or more cup of coffee or tea ( caffeine) may be beneficial in controlling the NAFLD progression.

(5) Drinking  Coffee Can Make You Feel Happier ( Antidepressant)

If you are suffering from any kind of depression or if stress is eating up your life then it’s time for you to start including hot coffee in your daily routine.

This is because, as per a study was done by the National Institute of Health,  people who consume four to five cups of coffee every day are ten percent less likely to be depressed than those who had never drunk coffee.

The exact cause of this anti-depressing property of coffee is still a subject of research but researchers believe that it is because of the good number of antioxidants present in coffee and also because of caffeine present in it which activates the mood-controlling neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin.

(6) Drinking Coffee  Lowers Level Of Suicide

Life is precious and it is a gift that we all should enjoy at the fullest, but still, there are many times when people decide to commit suicide and mark an end to their very own life.

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Every person has his own reason and problems behind the suicide but at the core of every suicidal case, there is only one thing, ‘Stress, worry or depression about something’.

As per a study was done by the Harvard School of Public Health, drinking four to five cups of coffee every day on a regular basis can reduce the risk of suicide in men and women by about 50 percent.

This is because Drinking coffee in moderate level on a regular basis provides relief from stress and depression because of the property of coffee to activate suitable neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline.

(7) Drinking Coffee May Prevents Cancer

Regular consumption of coffee in moderate quantity on a regular basis may help in preventing certain types of cancer like skin cancer, prostate cancer, and endometrial cancer.

As per a study was done by the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard medical school on 112,897 men and women, it was found that subjects who drink three or more cups of coffee a day are less likely to develop skin cancer in comparison to other subjects who have never consumed coffee.

As per another study, men who drink coffee are less likely to develop aggressive prostate cancer.

As per another research was done by Harvard School Of Public Health, women who drink four or more cups of coffee every day are 25 percent less likely to develop endometrial cancer compared to women who drank less than one cup coffee a day.

Regular consumption of coffee also helps in reducing the risks of other types of cancer like breast cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, and rectal cancer.

This Cancer preventing property of coffee is because of anticarcinogenic properties of antioxidants like polyphenols and phytochemicals present in it, which reduces the inflammation.

(8) Drinking Coffee Provides Instant Energy and Increase Endurance Of Body

Fitness experts recommend avoiding caffeine pre and post work out because of the dehydrating nature of caffeine.

However, it is important to note that moderate consumption of coffee (up to 5 cups of coffee a day )  is good and can help fight fatigue and increase the endurance of our body.

This benefit of coffee is because of the caffeine present in it which increases the number of fatty acids present in the bloodstream and allows muscles to absorb and burn those fats for the energy and thus saves body’s small reserve of carbohydrate for the later use.

(9) Drinking Coffee  Reduces Risk Of Type-2 Diabetes

As per a study that was done by the American Chemical Society, regular consumption of coffee in moderate quantity helps in reducing the risk of type-2 diabetes by around 50 percent.

The same study also suggests that every additional cup of coffee further reduces the risk of Type-2 diabetes by 7 percent. There are various reasons because of which consumption of coffee helps in reducing the risk of Type-2 diabetes. These are –

(a ) Coffee protects insulin-producing cells and enables the effective regulation of blood sugar.

(b) Coffee helps in fighting inflammation which is a major risk factor for type-2 diabetes.

(c) The caffeic acid present in coffee helps in significantly reducing the toxic accumulation of abnormal protein in people with type-2 diabetes, and thus benefits them.

It is important to note that some evidence shows that drinking coffee can reduce the sensitivity of muscle cells to the insulin effect which damages the metabolism of our body and increases blood sugar level.

Therefore, it is important to consume coffee in moderate quantity and not in extremes ( even if every cup of coffee reduce Type-2 diabetes risk by 7 percent ).

(10) May Delay The Onset Of Alzheimer’s Disease and Reduces Its Risk

As per a study done by the researchers of University of South Florida and the University of Miami, it was found that people above 65 years of age who drank coffee and had higher blood levels of caffeine developed Alzheimer’s disease four to five years later compared to those who had low level of caffeine in their system.

As per Dr. Chuanhai Cao,  consumption of coffee in moderate quantity on a regular basis reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s diseases or delay its onset.

However, it is important to note that drinking coffee doesn’t completely protect the person from Alzheimer’s disease.  Moderate consumption of coffee is also affecting dementia.

As per a Finnish study, it was found that people who drank three to five cups of coffee a day at midlife were 65 percent less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease and dementia at the later stage of life.

The reason coffee helps in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia is because of the property of caffeine present in it which prevents the buildup of beta-amyloid plaque which contributes to onset and progression of Alzheimer’s.

Other than this, drinking coffee also reduces the risk of development of Type-2 diabetes which is a major risk factor for the development of dementia.

(11) Drinking Coffee Is Good For Intelligence

Have an important project to complete but you can’t concentrate because you are feeling sleepy?

Just drink a cup of hot coffee and you will notice that your sleep is gone. Not only this, but you will also notice that you are feeling more energetic, efficient and sharper.

This is because drinking coffee not only throws sleep at bay but also affects other parts of our brain in a positive way and improves our reaction time, vigilance, attention, logical reasoning and other complex functions associated with the intelligence.

(12)  Drinking Coffee May Provide Short Term Memory Boost

As per Austrian research is done on a group of small volunteers, it was found that volunteers who had received a dose of 100 milligrams of caffeine ( equivalent to the caffeine present in a cup of coffee) showed a certain upward movement in their brain activity while completing a memory task.

The research also found a significant improvement in the memory skills and reaction time of volunteers who drank coffee in comparison to the other group who had not received a caffeinated drink.

This short term memory boosting power of coffee is because of the ability of caffeine present to affect the particular areas of the brain that are associated with concentration and memory.

(13) Drinking Coffee Is Good For Heart & Cardiovascular Health

Regular consumption of coffee in moderate quantity is good for the heart and also helps in keeping our cardiovascular system healthy.

As per a Dutch study involving analysis of data from more than 37,000 people over a period of 13 years, it was found that people who drank coffee every day in moderate quantity were 20 percent less likely to develop heart disease in comparison to light coffee drinkers and nondrinkers.

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As per another study conducted in Japan, involving more than 76000 participants, it was found that men who drink one or two cups of coffee every day were 38 percent less likely to die from cardiovascular disease in comparison to those who had never drunk coffee.

This heart benefit of coffee is because of the ability of coffee to prevent the arteries from getting damaged by the inflammation.

(14) Drinking  Coffee  May Guard Against Gout

Regular consumption of coffee in moderate quantity helps in reducing the risk of development of gouts because of antioxidant present in coffee which decreases the insulin level and, in turn, reduces the concentration of uric acid responsible for the formation of gouts.

As per a study conducted by researchers in the Nurses’ Health Study, involving analysis of health habits of 90,000 female nurses over a period of 26 years, it was found that there is a positive relationship between long-term coffee consumption and the decreased risk of gouts.

In the study, it was found that women who drank more than four cups of regular coffee per day were 57 percent less likely to develop gouts, women who drank one to three cups of coffee per day  were 27 percent less likely to develop gouts and who women who drank a cup of coffee every day are at 23 percent reduced risk of development of gouts, in comparison to the rest of the women who didn’t drink coffee.

Similarly, another study published in the journal Arthritis and Rheumatism, it was found that men who drank four to five cups of coffee every day were 40 percent less likely to develop gouts and those who drank six or more cups of coffee every day were at 60 percent reduced risk of development of gouts.

(15) Drinking Coffee Reduces The Risk of Death

Regular consumption of coffee in moderate quantity helps in reducing stress and depression, and this benefit of coffee is also linked with reducing the number of suicides as stress is one of the main factors behind the suicide.

As per a study conducted by National Institute of Health- AARP Diet and Healthy, involving 400,000 people it was found that drinking coffee is associated with reduced risk of death.

It was found ( from the data record of 1995 to 2008) that male participants who drank just one cup of coffee were at 6 percent reduced risk of death, and drinking either two to three cups of coffee or six or more cups of coffee reduced the risk of death by 10 percent.

It is interesting to note that drinking four to five cups of coffee is more effective in reducing the risk of death as it reduces the risk of death by as much as 12 percent.

(16) Drinking Coffee May Help In Reducing Pain

Our daily routine can make us feel tired, exhausted and can sometimes even pain, but drinking a cup of coffee can provide relief from pain and exhaustion almost immediately because of the rejuvenating property of coffee.

As per Norwegian research conducted on 48 people performing office work, it was found that people who consumed coffee had a pain intensity level of 41.

On the other hand, people who didn’t drink coffee had a pain intensity of 55, which shows how coffee is effective in providing relief from pain.

(17) Drinking Green Coffee Helps In Weight Loss

The caffeine present in coffee can increase the metabolic rate of our body, encouraging the body to burn body fat and thus reduce weight.

However, when we drink coffee, we drink it in the form of beverage with sugar added to it. Because of this, our regular coffee doesn’t help much in weight loss.

But, if you want to lose weight using coffee then using green coffee extract can do the magic and help you in weight loss.

As per a 22-week study conducted on 16 overweight adults, it was found that participants who had taken green tea coffee extract bean showed significant weight loss and 37.5 percent of them had transitioned back to their normal weight from their pre-obesity weight.

(18) Drinking Coffee Improves Blood Circulation

Regular consumption of coffee in moderate quantity helps in improving the circulation of blood in our body.

As per a Japanese study, it was found that just drinking five ounces of coffee can cause a 30 percent boost in capillary blood flow. This improved blood circulation helps our body tissues to get more oxygen and improve their performance.

Beauty Benefits of Coffee For Skin

(1) Coffee Face Scrub For Skin Exfoliation

One of the most important benefits of coffee for skin is to use it as a face scrub.

Coffee face scrub can be used for exfoliating the skin for removal of dead and dry skin cells from our face, and for making our skin smooth and clean again.  It not only removes the dead skin cells but also prevents our skin from getting dry.

To make coffee face scrub, mix  ½ cup ground coffee, ½ cup brown sugar, and ¼ cup olive oil together and make a fine paste, and leave it idle for some time.

Now, this paste can be used as a coffee face scrub and massaged on the face in circular motions for exfoliating the skin. After sometimes wash your face with water and apply some moisturizer which suits your skin.

(2) Coffee and cocoa face pack For Soft Skin

If you are looking for a high-end salon type facial treatment but don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket then coffee-cocoa face pack is a perfect solution for you because of their skin softening properties.

Making coffee cocoa face pack is very easy and it can be prepared at home. For making the coffee-cocoa face pack, mix two spoons of ground coffee, two spoons of cocoa powder, three spoons of milk and one spoon of honey together.

The mixture thus formed will be coffee cocoa face pack which can be applied on the skin for making it soft. Apply this coffee cocoa face pack for about half an hour and then wash off with plain water.

The benefits of the coffee-cocoa face pack are not just limited to making our skin soft, but it also hydrates skin, nourishes skin deeply and tightens skin pores.

The aroma of the coffee-cocoa face pack gives a soothing effect to our senses.

It is important to note that if you have oily skin then it will be better to use yogurt in place of milk while making the coffee-cocoa face pack.

(3) Coffee Scrub For Cellulite Reduction

Want to get rid of cellulite? If your answer is YES  then you will be happy to know that the coffee is effective in reducing the cellulite.

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This skin benefit of coffee is because of the presence of caffeine in it which dehydrates the fatty cells, minimize the appearance and provides smoothness to our skin.

As per research conducted at Sao Paulo University, it was found that skin creams that contain caffeine were 17 % more effective in decreasing the appearance of cellulite.

Using coffee to get rid of cellulite is very easy as you just have to make a coffee body scrub and use it for exfoliating the skin.

For anti-cellulite benefits of coffee, make a fine powder of coffee beans. Mix two tablespoon of coffee, one tbsp of pure aloe vera gel and one tbsp of vitamin E oil together.

The mixture so formed can be used for scrubbing the body to get rid of cellulite, for making our skin smooth and for adding complexion to our skin

(4) Treats Under Eye Dark Circle And Puffy Eyes

One of the important beauty benefits of coffee is the property of coffee to reduce under eye dark circles and puffiness of eyes.

Under eye dark circles could be caused by various factors like dehydration, allergies, sleep deprivation, etc. and sometimes because of the genes.

Caffeine present in the coffee can’t cure the dark circles caused by hereditary factors. However, the anti-inflammatory properties of coffee are very effective in reducing the puffiness and inflammation associated with the dark circles.

It also reduces the amount of blood that accumulates under the eyes which is a major factor that contributes to dark circles.

Caffeine is very effective in treating dark circles and this is the reason caffeine is added to every cream that is meant to erase dark circles.

(5) Aids In The Treatment of Rosaceae

The diuretic nature of the caffeine and the antioxidants present in coffee makes it very effective for the treatment for Rosaceae and providing relief from irritation and redness caused by the sun damage.

Topical application of caffeine also aids in proper blood circulation.

(6) Good For Preventing Skin Cancer & For Repairing UV Damage

Coffee is rich in antioxidants and in fact, the number of antioxidants present in coffee is way more than the number of antioxidants that we get from fruits and vegetables.

These antioxidants present in coffee make it very effective in repairing the damage caused by the ultraviolet radiations of the sun.

As per a 2011 study published in the Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences, it was found that topical application of coffee on the skin protects it from the harmful sun radiations and reduces the risk of skin cancer by inhibiting a protein enzyme in the skin.

(7) Good For Skin Tightening

The caffeine present in coffee is very effective in tightening the puffy skin and in reducing the fine lines of the skin.

Because of this benefit of caffeine, caffeine is added to most of the beauty creams meant for the reduction of fine lines, skin tightening and for other skin benefits.

The caffeine present in coffee is also effective in slowing down the growth of cancer cells.  Using coffee body scrub is one of the best ways to use coffee for skin tightening and for fine line reduction.

(8) Aids Skin Brightening

Take some warm filter water in a bowl and add some Epsom salt and coffee ground to it. Let it stay for a while and then rinse your face with this solution.

After this, use the coffee ground ( soaked in the same solution) for exfoliating the skin and then again rinse with the same coffee groundwater.

This will improve the radiance of your skin because of the property of coffee to make a protective barrier around our skin and keep it healthy from the attack of virus, bacteria, fungus, etc.

(9) Improves Blood Circulation

Topical application of coffee is very effective in improving the blood circulation of our skin and for making it brighter and healthier.

Because of this benefit of coffee, coffee is used for getting rid of puffiness of eyes and for skin rejuvenation.

Beauty Benefits of Coffee For Hair

(1) Provides A Natural Shine To Hair

There are many benefits of coffee for hair and one such benefit is that coffee can be used for making our hair shiny.

For using coffee for hair, make a coffee hair mask by mixing two tbsp of coffee powder, one tbsp of olive oil and one tbsp of honey together thoroughly.

Now, apply this paste on your hair, leave it for 15-30 mins and then rinse off with water.

(2) Good For Hair Rinse

If you are looking for the ways to make your hair soft and silky then there is no need to go too far as the brewed coffee ( which is part our life ) is effective in making our hairs soft and silky.

For this, brew some coffee beans in boiling water for some time and then let the solution cool. Now use this solution for rinsing your hair and it will make your hairs soft and silky.

(3) Treats Hair Loss & Promotes Hair Growth

If you are losing your hair fast and are worried about going bald then it’s time for you to start using the shampoo that contains caffeine.

Caffeine present in coffee is very effective for the treatment of hair loss in men, and for females, it stimulates the hair roots of the scalp and promotes hair growth.

To make caffeine shampoo more effective, it is good to leave the shampoo for a minute or two on your scalp so that caffeine properly penetrates the roots of the hairs and do its magic.

(4) Coffee Makes Hair Manageable

Besides strengthening the hair shaft, caffeine products add natural shine to your hair and make them more manageable.

Using caffeine shampoo is good not only for promoting hair growth and for the treatment of baldness but also for making our hairs more manageable and shiny.

(5) Good For Hair Dyeing

Topical application of caffeine-rich shampoo is good for promoting hair growth and for the treatment of hair loss, but it is also interesting to know that coffee can also be used for the coloring of hair ( look better on those with dark colored hair).

To use coffee as hair color, mix some coffee grounds with water and make a fine paste. Now apply this paste on your shampooed hairs for dyeing them.

As per Doug Macintosh ( hair colorist at Louise O’Connor Salon, New York ), the acidity of the coffee will give extra shine to the hair by smoothing the cuticle of the hair.

(6) Fights fighting nose fatigue

Have you ever wondered why coffee beans are placed at the counters selling perfumes?

The reason behind keeping coffee beans at such counters is because the smell of coffee beans acts as a reset button and that’s why you are asked to smell coffee beans when you are sniffing perfumes one after another.

Smelling coffee beans prevent your nose from getting tired and also save it from getting confused between smells of various perfumes.

Sniffing coffee beans is also good for getting relief from depression.

(7) The benefit of coffee for scalp  Exfoliation

We know that using coffee body scrub is good for skin exfoliation and getting rid of dry & dead skin cells, but exfoliating benefits of coffee is not just limited to the skin as it can also be used for exfoliating your scalp to get rid of dead and dry skin cells of the scalp.

To use coffee for exfoliating the scalp, take some grounded coffee ( about a ⅓ cup of grounded coffee) and apply it on your wet scalp and massage in a circular motion for about a minute.

After this, rinse off your scalp with fresh water and follow the usual shampoo and conditioner route.


The information contained in the post is for general purpose only and shouldn’t be considered as medical advice or as an alternative to medical advice. Although I’ve tried my best to keep the information contained in this post as accurate and updated as possible, I make no guarantee of the accurateness of the same.

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