33 Major Health & Beauty Benefits of Mango

Mango is a delicious and juicy stone fruit belonging to Mangifera genus, and is native to South Asia but is also cultivated in other tropical and subtropical regions of the world. The Scientific name of Mango is “Mangifera Indica” and it relates to cashews and pistachios family. Mango is also known as “King of fruits” because of its superior taste and benefits provided by it. In this article, we will know about major nutrients present in mango, health and beauty benefits provided by mango and some common risks and side effects that may arise by consuming too many mangoes. At the end of this article, we will also know about some other facts of mango.


Benefits of Mango

Benefits of Mango


Nutrition Chat of Mango

Mangoes are rich in many essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc and these compounds are responsible for all the health & beauty benefits of mango, and also for the risks and side effects associated with mango. Take a look at the below-mentioned table to know about what nutrients are present in mangoes and in what quantity.

Nutrition Chat of Mango


Health Benefits of Mango

Mango is considered as a healthy fruit because of the various health provided by them. Below are some of the major health benefits of mango.

(1) Make Eyesight Better

Our eyes are our window to the world as they allow us to enjoy the beauty of this world. Therefore it is important for us to take good care of our eyes. Mangoes can help in keeping our eyes healthy by protecting our eyesight because of the presence of a high dosage of vitamin A & Retinol in it.

(2) Helps In Fighting Cancer

Cancer is a very serious health problem that can take away the life of a person (if not treated on time). Consuming mangoes helps in preventing us from the risk of a certain type of cancer and leukemia because of the presence of a high level of antioxidants in them.

(3) For Reducing Cholesterol Level

Our heart is a vital organ of our body and is the only muscle that takes rest only once in a lifetime and that one time is at the time of death. So, it’s important for us to take good care of our heart. However, the presence of bad cholesterol can destroy the heart’s health.

Consumption of mangoes helps in reducing the bad cholesterol level from our body, and thus keeps our heart in good condition. This health benefit of mangoes is because of the presence of a high level of vitamin C & dietary fibers in them. Both Fibers and vitamin C helps in eliminating low-density lipoprotein and bring cholesterol level down.

(4) Maintain Alkaline Balance

The presence of certain elements like malic acid, tartaric acid, and citric acid in mango, helps in maintaining the alkaline balance of our body.

(5) Increases Metabolic Rate

Mangoes help in improving digestion of food because of the presence of a high level of dietary fibers in them. These dietary fibers keep bowel movement good and in turn, increase the metabolic rate. With the increased metabolic rate, our body burns more calories and thus helps in getting rid of excessive body fat. Because of this benefit of mango, it is considered as a very good fruit for people who want to shed some pounds.

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(6) Boost Immune System

The immune system of our body plays a very important role in keeping us healthy and away from diseases. It prevents the foreign elements from entering our body, and if they somehow enter our body then our immune system starts working on destroying them. A stronger immune system means a healthy life and low risks of getting infected by diseases. Mangoes are very helpful when it comes to making our immune system stronger because of the presence of a high level of vitamin C and varieties of carotenoids (around 25) in them.

(7) Enriched With Antioxidants

The antioxidants present in the mangoes are like a boon to our health as they not only help in cell rejuvenation and cell repair but also helps in detoxifying the skin from inside and prevents the occurrence of acne.

(8) Prevents miscarriage and increases fertility

Being a mother is a very special phase in every woman’s life but sometimes some factors can destroy the beautiful moments of pregnancy. One such moment is a miscarriage. Consumption of mangoes helps in reducing the risk of miscarriages and increases fertility, because of the presence of folate or folic acid in them. Folate/folic acid is a form of vitamin B and deficiency of it can cause miscarriage in pregnant women.

(9) Provides Essential Trace Minerals

There are certain minerals which are required by our body only in traces but are essential for living a healthy life. Mangoes contain many trace elements like copper, selenium, zinc, and potassium. The absence of these trace elements from our diet can give rise to serious health problems.

(10) Increases Sex Drive

Mangoes are very effective in making the sexual life of a person better because of the presence of vitamin E (which helps in increasing & improving sexual drive) in them.

(11) Prevention of diabetes

Mangoes are rich in natural sugar but still, they are very good for people suffering from diabetes because of their low glycemic index. This means that we can consume mangoes without worrying about blood sugar level.

(12) Prevents Strokes

Mangoes are good for our heart health not only because they reduce the cholesterol level of our body, but also because they control homocysteine levels in the blood which can otherwise do damage to our blood vessels, and give rise to problems like CAD ( Coronary Artery Disease) and strokes.

(13) Better Digestion

Mangoes are very good in keeping our digestive system healthy because of the presence of high level of fibers in them, which helps in proper absorption of essential nutrients and elimination of wastes from our body. Mango is rich in certain enzymes that help in breaking down proteins and thus helps in keeping our digestive system healthy.

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(14) Prevents Heat Stroke

It is true that these days you can enjoy a mango at any time of the year but mainly it’s a summer fruit and is best enjoyed in the summer season. Mangoes are good not only in taste but also in preventing our self from heat stroke. To get instant relief from heat stroke, just chop a slice of mango in a juicer, add some water (or low-fat milk) and a tablespoon of honey (or sugar-free) to it. Enjoy the drink. You’ll get instant relief from the heat stroke.

(15) For Brain Health

Mangoes are very effective in keeping our brain stronger and sharper because of the presence of Glutamine acid in them, which helps in increasing concentration and memory.

(16) Good For anemia and For Pregnant Women & Menopausal Women

Mango is very good for people suffering from anemia because of the presence of iron in mango. The presence of iron and calcium make mangoes suitable for pregnant women and menopausal women.

 (17) Reduces Kidney stone

Our kidneys are doing a great job in keeping us healthy by purifying our blood and removing all toxins from our body, and at the same time, they make sure that no essential nutrients get passed out of our body. It is, therefore, important for us to take good care of our kidneys. Mangoes are very effective when it comes to taking care of the kidney as they reduce the risk of kidney stones in our body. This is because of the low oxalates level and high fibers and water in mango.

(18) Helps in maintaining Healthy Weight-

Mango is rich in fibers and water. These compounds combined together can help us feel fuller for a longer duration and thus decreases our urge to eat again and again and helps in losing weight. However, if you want to gain weight then instead of eating mangoes you should consume mango shakes. Milk and sugar present in mango shake help in gaining weight, and if you want to enjoy mango shake without getting worried about excess calories then use honey (or sugar-free) and low-fat milk in your mango shake.

(19) Perfect Snack

Mangoes are considered as one of the perfect snacks as they not only provide energy but also keep our weight under control. The fibers present in mango keep our digestive system healthy and the water present in mangoes keep us hydrated.

(20) As a stomach tonic

Not only the fruit but leaves of mango are also good for our health. Put some (10 to 15) mango leaves in warm water and close it with lid, leave it overnight, filter it and drink it first in the morning ( empty stomach).

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Beauty Benefits of Mango

Now we know about all the major health benefits provided by the king of fruits, mango but benefits of mangoes are not just limited to health as mangoes are also good for our skin and hairs.

Beauty Benefits of Mango For Skin

Some of the benefits of mango for skin are as follows:-

(1) For Providing Glowing Skin

Mangoes are very good in providing a glow to our skin because of their ability to reduce dark spots, blemishes, and acne. Other than this, the presence of vitamin A & beta-carotene in mango helps in rejuvenating and reviving skin, and add shine to it.

(2) For Treating Black Head

Mangoes are very effective in the removal of blackheads from our skin. For this make a mango scrub by mixing a teaspoon of mango pulp with a half teaspoon of milk or honey. Rub the mixture on your face in a circular motion for about 30 minutes. This will not only remove blackheads & dead skin but will also add shine to your skin.

(3) Anti-aging Benefits

The antioxidants present in mango fights with the free radicals of our body that can otherwise damage our skin cells and increase the risk of cancer. These antioxidants also delay the onset of skin aging and pigmentation. Mango is very rich in antioxidants and is a great fruit for providing anti-aging benefits. Other than this, the application of mango pulp directly on skin soothes skin and acts as a natural moisturizer. Mangoes are also effective in curing pimples & acne because of the presence of vitamin C in them.

(4) Improves Skin Complexion

Mango is very good for improving the complexion of skin because of the presence of vitamin A in it. Vitamin A is a very important nutrient for maintaining healthy skin & complexion. Not just the mango fruit, but mango skin is also good for our skin health as it can be used as a de-tanning agent. For using mango skin for tan reduction- Rub your face/skin with the skin of raw or ripe mango, Apply some milk cream on your face and Wash off with cold water after 10 to 15 minutes. Doing the above 3 steps twice or thrice a week will reduce tanning drastically.

(5) For Treatment of Dark spots

Mangoes are very good for the treatment of dark spots, and for this purpose, mango skin is used to prepare a face pack which reduces dark spots, blemishes and adds a golden glow to the skin. For this purpose, dry a mango in sunlight and then powder it. After this, mix it with a teaspoon of yogurt and your face pack is ready.

(6) For Treatment of Acne

Mango is very good in providing relief from acne because of its astringent properties. For getting relief from mango, boil a slice of raw mango in water, let it cool down and use this water on your face as an acne remover. Consumption of mango also helps in preventing acne because of the presence of vitamin C in it.

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(7) As a skin Cleanser

Mango is very good at cleaning our skin properly by reaching our skin pores and cleaning them from deep within. For this, add mango pulp to a teaspoon of white flour, mix them thoroughly and the mixture is ready to be used as a skin cleanser.

(8) As a face wash

Making mango face wash is very easy and can be made at home. Moreover, it is suitable for all skin types which is an added advantage. For this, mix one teaspoon of mango pulp, one teaspoon of powdered almonds, and one teaspoon of milk together, and grind it to a paste. The face washes so formed can be applied on all skin types and washed off after 20 minutes.

(9) For Skin Exfoliation

Mango is very good for exfoliation of the skin and getting rid of dead skin cells. To use mango for exfoliation, blend a quarter of peeled mango with two teaspoons of whole milk powdered almonds and crushed oats in a blender. Using the exfoliating mask so formed on skin and neck for 20 minutes and then washing off with lukewarm water can clear off dead skin cells.


Beauty Benefits of Mango For Hair

Some of the major benefits of mango for hairs are as follows:-

(1) For Hair Conditioning

Mango is very good for hairs and can be used as a hair conditioner. For using mango as a hair conditioner, mix mango pulp with a spoon full of yogurt and two egg yellows. Apply the mixture on your hair and leave it for 30 minutes, and then wash. This will make your hair soft and manageable.

(2) For Treating Dandruff

Mango helps in the treatment of dandruff because of the presence of vitamin A in it, which also helps in adding shine to our hairs. Mango is also used as an ingredient in hair moisturizers and the presence of vitamin E in mango encourages hair growth by improving circulation of blood in the scalp.

(3) Treatment of Hair loss

The seed oil of mango is very effective in the treatment of hair loss & for preventing graying of hairs, and in making our hairs long, thick and black. In order to make mango seed oil, remove the outer coating of mango seed and add them to a jar of coconut, sesame or mustard oil, and place the jar in sunlight for a few days. Regular use of this concoction will prevent hair loss, graying of hair and will also make your hairs thick and long.

(4) Protection from UV rays

UV radiations of the sun can damage our skin cells very badly and can even cause cancer. Mango can help in protecting us from the harmful rays. For this, add some milk on the skin of ripe or raw mango, and rub it on your face and/or other exposed part of the body. Wait for 10-15 minutes and then wash off with cold water. This will not only protect our skin from UV rays but will also help in removing tan.

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Risks & Side Effects  Of Mango ( Overeating mangoes)

Although Mango is safe food and is also good for our health there are some risks and side effects that may arise by consuming too many mangoes. Some of these risks and side effects are:-

(1) Increases Blood Sugar

It is true that low glycemic index of mango prevents mango from increasing blood sugar level, but at the same time, it is important to remember that mangoes are high in natural sugar which is like poison to a diabetic person. Eating too many mangoes can have a negative impact on the health of a diabetic person, and instead of “helping” it can “hurt”.

(2) Diarrhea

Mangoes are rich in dietary fibers which are good for our health as they keep our digestive system healthy and also help in maintaining weight. However, the fibers present in mango soak up a lot of water and if you are eating too many mangoes, then it can increase the risk of diarrhea.

(3) Allergic Reactions

There are some allergic reactions which may show up in a person (individuals who are allergic to mango) on consuming mango. Symptoms of allergy may vary from watery eyes, runny nose, breathing problem, abdominal pain, sneezing and in extreme cases it can even lead to anaphylactic shock.

(4)  May Cause Dermatitis

Some people enjoy drinking mango juice directly from the mango by making it firm by gentle squeezing. However, it is important to note that mango sap contains a chemical known as “Urushiol” which may cause dermatitis in some people and make their skin itchy, inflamed, flaky and blistery.

(5) Weight Gain

The fibers present in body helps in losing weight by making us feel fuller for a longer duration and by decreasing our urge to eat again and again, but sugar present in mango are high in calories and consuming too many mangoes can give rise to weight gain.

Other Facts About Mango

(1) These days, we can enjoy the deliciousness of mango from any part of the world, but it was first cultivated in India around 5000 years ago, and this shows even in the scientific name of mango (Mangifera Indica). “India” here comes from the word “India”.

(2) The mango tree is very special for the citizen of Bangladesh as it is their national tree. Mango is also special for a citizen of India, Pakistan, and the Philippines, as it is the national fruit of these three countries.

(3) Mango trees are long-lived trees and some specimens of mango trees are still giving fruits, even after crossing 300 years of age.

(4) Mango tree grows up to 35-40 meters with a crown radius of about 10 meters.

(5) There are around 400 varieties of mango and most of these varieties ripe in summer, but there are some varieties that give double crop.

(6) India and China are two major cultivators of mango, and India comes at first place as it cultivates about half of the total world’s mango. Though India is the biggest producer of mangoes when it comes to International trade then it accounts for less than 1%, a large part of the production gets consumed domestically.

(7) Giving a basket of mango as a gift is considered as a sign of gesture in India

(8) As per legends, Gautam Buddha meditated under the shades of a mango tree.

(9) From centuries, people are using bark, skin, and dry leaves of mango for various home remedies.

(10) Mango leaves are considered holy and are used for decorative purpose and for use in worship in many auspicious events like marriage, worship, festivals, etc. in some traditions of India.









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