Top 7 Positive Effects of Cosmetic Surgery on Health

Today, modern beauty standards have set a high bar. People are always striving to achieve perfection subconsciously. While the idea of airbrushed, spotless, and poreless skin is unrealistic, there are several procedures and treatments that you can undergo to rejuvenate your youth. 

In 2020 alone, 2,314,720 patients in the US were reported to have changed or improved some aspect of their body with elective surgery.

What Is The Best Place To Go For Cosmetic Procedures?

Many hospitals and clinical practices spanning the country make cosmetic surgery accessible to all. But the quality of the surgery and care offered varies drastically. When it comes to aesthetics, you cannot compromise on treatment just for the sake of a location at a shorter distance or a lower cost.

If there is some aspect of your body that you want to refine, you need a set-up trustworthy enough to get you the results you envision. Our recommendation is The Carolinas Centers for Oral, Facial, Cosmetic, and Dental Implant Surgery. It is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC); hence they don’t compromise on the quality of care. 

The clinic has branches in more than 16 locations across all of North and South Carolina and has carried out more than 3 million procedures since its dawn. Their multidisciplinary team of highly experienced doctors includes the top oral and maxillofacial surgeons. These surgeons are world-renowned prosthodontists and experienced anesthesiologists committed to holistic treatment. 

The center is considered the best oral and facial surgery center in Carolina for its well-trained administrative staff, who ensure that every pre- and post-surgical appointment is as stress-free as possible.

Top 7 Positive Effects of Cosmetic Surgery on Health

Positive Health Impacts Of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery continues to gain popularity worldwide. A decade ago, most patients undergoing surgery were female. But today, an increasing male population is also experimenting with cosmetic procedures. According to the 2020 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 13% of the patients were male.

The reason for this increasing popularity hides in its positive impacts on health. Here are seven ways you can expect to be healthier after cosmetic surgery.

Better Mental Health

You might have a crooked nose, a double chin, a band of extra belly fat, or crow’s feet around your eyes, making your tiredness more prominent. These factors may raise concerns and make you conscious about a certain part of your face or body. It can severely hamper your self-esteem and sense of security. Over time, you can fall into a black hole of self-hatred that is very hard to escape, and the society we live in today is not very forgiving either.

Getting liposuction for your extra fat or getting your tear troughs filled can aid you in regaining a major part of your lost confidence and make you more comfortable in your skin. And when these issues have been dealt with, you can take on life’s challenges with a new determination.

Before you take the step, it is vital to sit through a detailed consultation with your surgeon to set realistic goals. You must understand that surgery is not supposed to give you a new identity. Rather, the surgery will help you attain an improved version of yourself. 

Although you will still have many problems in life even after you fix your appearance problems, you will have new-found energy when you feel much more confident about your appearance.

Better Vision

Your eyes provide a clear window to your soul. The skin around your eyes can wrinkle, and your eyelids saggy as you age. You can undergo surgical procedures to rejuvenate the skin, fat, and muscle around your eyes. One such procedure, called blepharoplasty, improves your vision and gives you a wider field of view. It also makes you look fresher and more energized.

You sleep better

A crooked nose is, more often than not, an indication of an underlying deviated nasal septum. In such a case, your concern for appearance is accompanied by a well-pronounced health problem. You may have trouble breathing properly and experience bad sleep and snoring through the night. 

Rhinoplasty, commonly called a ‘nose job,’ is an amalgam of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. It aims to give you a new nose will both look and function better. It is also of considerable benefit for patients with sleep apnea and mouth breathers due to a structural anomaly.

A Cure for Migraines

If you experience regular migraines, you know better than none that they cripple you of your normal functioning and day-to-day activities. In the past, your only option was medications. But today, botulinum toxin injections are included in the treatment regimen for both episodic and chronic cases of migraine. 

Recent studies show that the botulinum toxin has a good safety profile and does not affect the efficacy of adjunct medications. Patients with chronic migraines experienced a decrease of at least two migraine days per month in clinical trials.

A Reduction in Risk of Cardiovascular Problems and Diabetes

A greater than normal body weight is considered unhealthy according to medical standards. A BMI of 25.0 to 30.0 means you are overweight, and greater than 30.0 corresponds to obesity.

The extra weight can strain your heart, leading to several cardiovascular issues. Similarly, obesity can predispose you to diabetes, compromising the long-term quality of your life.

Maintaining a healthy body is more challenging than cutting down calories and exercising to get the extra weight. Sometimes you need extra help with an adjunctive surgical procedure to boost your weight loss toward a healthy body.

A Cure for Neck and Back Pain

Macromastia becomes a source of constant neck and backache. This causes daily trouble and affects the quality of life with every activity. For some, it can also predispose them to develop more severe conditions like chronic arthritis.

For these women, reducing mammoplasty can prove to be life-saving. It helps them lead a much healthier and more active life, with freedom from pain and the ability to carry out trivial everyday tasks.

A Solution to Postpartum Lower Back Pain

During and after pregnancy, many women experience lower back pain.

For chronic and un-resolving pain, an abdominoplasty, or a tummy tuck, in simpler words, can help provide relief and activate core stabilization. It helps new mothers gain a fresh perspective on motherhood and face all its challenges confidently.


There is nothing better than having control over how you look. You can improve your features and overall appearance with just a few tweaks to the body via surgery. And the added positive physical and mental health benefits are the driving factor for you to take the step, for it is worth the risk. With that said, consider your comorbidities and postoperative expectations, and make an informed decision with your surgeon that best suits you.

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