New Routines to Support Your Health

What are you currently doing to support your health? There are multiple categories of health, including physical fitness, mental health, emotional intelligence, and spirituality. Within each category, there are probably a thousand ways to support that aspect of your health. The key to promoting wellness in your life is finding routines that you can adopt and maintain for a long period.

There are plenty of conventional ways to support health that most people know about. You are supposed to exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet, get a good amount of sleep, find time to rest, and so on. These activities are all great ideas, but there are other small things that you can do throughout the day to support wellness.

Maybe you have a hard time making big changes to your daily rhythms and end up fizzling out after adding a new routine. Sometimes, it is better to start small, here are a few ideas for new routines that you can adopt to support your health that are not necessarily big changes.

Start the Day with Lemon Water

lemon water

When the morning gives you an opportunity to support your health, it can become easier to maintain that focus for the entire day. Drinking lemon water before breakfast has multiple health benefits that can change how your day will go. You can strengthen your immunity, improve digestion, cleanse your stomach, and even lose weight. This simple habit can be adopted easily and inexpensively to support your health every morning, putting you on track to prioritize wellness throughout the rest of the day.

Avoid the Snooze Button

Alarm clocks are the bane of our existence, aren’t they? They tell you it is time to leave the comfort and warmth of your bed and start tackling responsibilities. For this reason, the temptation to hit that snooze button and cling to a few precious moments of additional sleep is so strong. Unfortunately, it could be damaging your health. These small segments of sleep that you might get are not at all beneficial since there is not enough time for the cycle to kick in. What it can do is make you feel more tired during the day, sapping your energy. Instead, even though it will feel awful at the moment, sit up right away after the alarm goes off and don’t lie back down. This will wake you up faster and prepare your mind for the day. 

Add Supplements to Your Mealtime

Supporting your body’s health with a balanced diet is important. You need key vitamins and minerals to be delivered to your cells so that they can function, and food is the best delivery system for those nutrients. You can take this a step further by adding supplements like Cellsentials to your diet. These products can support optimum cellular health by boosting nutrient intake. However, supplements should never be used as a substitute for a balanced diet or you may end up consuming too few nutrients. Instead, add them to your mealtime routine to support your healthy diet.

Read Before Bed

The minutes or hours before bedtime are often the only time you may have to unwind for the day. The temptation to watch TV or look at your phone during that time to catch up on a favorite show or what’s going on in the world is very high. This habit is not harmful in itself, so long as you aren’t looking at screens right before you go to bed. Instead, try finding a book to read for a little while before you hit the hay. Even reading for 20 minutes after watching a movie or being on your phone is enough to settle your eyes and prepare the brain for sleep mode. Find some short stories, a long novel, or an educational text, and make reading a part of your nighttime routine.

Plan an “Off” Day

Sure, your schedule may not have the flexibility to take an entire day off. Maybe you have a demanding job, or young children to take care of or both. You should at least try to plan a few hours off if not a day every once in a while. Taking some time for yourself to do an activity you love or just relax can be extremely fulfilling and refreshing. When your energy bar is empty, this precious time can be used to refill it so that you can get back into your routine and be productive. You can do whatever you want with this time, just make sure that it is protected and that your responsibilities are either taken care of by someone else or are completed ahead of time.

Small Changes Make a Big Difference

Running a marathon starts with taking the first few steps. The same is true when it comes to supporting your health. Adding small routine changes like drinking lemon water or reading before bed can make a big difference in your overall wellness. Choose some new habits that suit your lifestyle and can be implemented easily. Then see the effect that they can have on your mood, your health, and your life as a whole.

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