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14 Wonderful Beauty Benefits Of Coconut (Nariyal) For Skin & Hair

Coconut ( Cocos nucifera) is a wonderful fruit that grows on the tree of the same name. It is available in many varieties and is cultivated in many countries of the world, but the major producer countries are Indonesia, Philippines, India, Brazil and Sri Lanka. Coconut is very beneficial for our health because of the number of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, lauric acid, etc. present in them. One Should also note that benefits of coconut are not just limited to health as there are also some beauty benefits of coconut for skin and hair, and in this article, we will know about these benefits in detail.


Beauty Benefits of Coconut

Beauty Benefits of Coconut


Beauty Benefits Of Coconut For Skin


(1) Prevents Skin Dryness

One of the most important benefits of coconut is its ability to protects us from the dry skin problem. For this, we can use coconut oil. Massaging coconut oil on skin prevents our skin from getting dry and flaky, and at the same time, it helps in keeping it moisturized and supple.By reducing the dry skin problem, it also provides benefit from neurosis, which is a common skin condition that is characterized by the dry and flaky skin.

Coconut oil is also effective in protecting us against Staphylococcus aureus infection and in reducing the severity of atopic dermatitis.  It is a wonderful cleansing agent that helps in neutralizing toxins, fungi, bacteria and other microbes from the outer layers of the skin. By doing so, it not helps in detoxifying but also helps in boosting the immune system of our body and thus protects our skin from our various skin problems.

(2) Reduces Dryness Of Hands

This benefit of coconut oil is very useful while doing household chores like laundry and dishwashing etc. These chores  can make our hands dry and unsightly and this where coconut oil comes to the rescue. Thoroughly rubbing a little extra virgin coconut oil on your hands and palms helps in treating dryness of hands and provides the lost moisturization to our hands. It will take a little less than a minute and is much better than chemically laden cosmetics that are available in the market for the same purpose.

(3) Reduces The Risk of Skin Cancers

Coconut is very efficient in reducing the risk of various types of cancers because of their ability to stabilize cancer-causing free radicals. In the same way, coconut oil is also equally beneficial in protecting us against skin cancer. This benefit of coconut oil is mainly because of the ability of coconut oil to improves the moisture and fat content in the skin, which helps in blocking harmful UV rays of the sun and thus helps in reducing the risk of various types of skin cancers. Coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer and applied on skin and body for keeping our skin hydrated and for replenishing the natural oils.

(4) Keep Our Skin Youthful

Regularly massaging few drops of coconut oil on your skin helps in keeping our skin young and beautiful because of the high level of antioxidants present in it. These antioxidants fight with the free radicals of our body, stabilizes them and thus prevents them from doing damage to our skin cells. By doing so, it prevents premature oxidation of skin cells and reduces the various signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, etc. and keeps premature aging at bay.

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(5) Keep Our Skin Clean

Coconut oil can be used as a cleansing agent. For using coconut oil as a skin cleanser, take one teaspoon of raw, uncooked coconut oil and thoroughly massage your skin. This help in reducing the outbreak of skin, and will also provide relief from skin rashes and irritation. In addition to this, regular consumption of coconut also helps in keeping our skin hydrated and make it smooth and young.

(6) Promotes Effective Circulation Of Blood

Regular use of coconut is very efficient in increasing the blood circulation of our body. By improving blood flow, it ensures that oxygen reaches every cell of our body and they function properly. Oxygen plays a paramount role in our life as we need it only for breathing but also for digestion of food and even for the smallest cellular activity happening in our body. Coconut boost oxygen in our skin and by improving the breathing of skin, it promotes healthy and flawless skin complexion.

 (7) Reverses The Effects of Sun Tanning

When it comes to protecting our skin from harmful rays of the sun, then both coconut oil and coconut water play a significant role. Coconut oil protects our skin from the harmful rays of the sun and reduces the risk of various types of skin cancers. On the other hand, coconut water can be used for reversing the effects of tanning.

For using coconut water for reserving sun tanning, take some coconut water and add fullers earth to it. Mix them thoroughly to form a paste and then apply this paste all over the skin ( at the affected area ). Let it dry or 20 minutes and then wash off with cold water. Using this face pack two times in a week can help in getting a tan-free skin.

(8) Helps In The Treatment Of Oily Skin Problem

Oily skin problem is a common skin problem that affects millions of people all over the world. It is very normal for our skin to make natural oil and this natural oil helps in keeping our skin moisturized and healthy. However, it becomes a problem when our skin makes too much of oil as the excess of oil can increase the risk of acne, pimple, etc. and, for this reason, it is important to control the excessive oil from our skin.

If you have oily skin, then coconut water will prove to be very beneficial in treating the oily skin problem.

To get relief from oily skin, take some coconut water and add one teaspoon of sandalwood powder and half teaspoon of turmeric to it. Mix them thoroughly and then apply it on your face. Leave it for some time and then wash off with water. This face pack will help not only in treating oily skin but also for providing relief from acne, black spots, skin blemishes, etc. and will make your skin clear and glowing. For best use, use this face pack three times in a week.

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(9) Good For Removing Eye Makeup

No doubt right makeup helps in making a woman even more beautiful, but it is also a fact that one can’t keep makeup on her skin all the time as it is not only inconvenient but is also bad for our skin health. When it comes to eye makeup, then it becomes even more important, and an interesting thing about coconut oil is its ability to remove eye makeup efficiently.

Removing eye makeup using coconut oil is very simple as you have to do nothing but put a few drops of coconut oil on a cotton ball and wipe your eyes with it. Gently using this on your eyes will help in breaking down the ingredients of the strong eye makeup, and they will come out quickly. It will not only removes eye makeup but also helps in keeping our skin hydrated.

(10) Incredible Body Scrub

Coconut is a wonderful exfoliating agent and can be used for removing the dead and dry skin cells from our body. For using coconut as a body scrub, mix some coconut oil and a cup of brown sugar together and stir well. The paste so formed can be used as a body scrub and applied on the skin for removal of dead skin cells. Benefits of this body scrub can be further enhanced by adding one tablespoon of coconut water and lentils to the mixture, to form a paste. This paste can be gently rubbed on the face and then wash off after two minutes.


 Beauty Benefits Of Coconut For Hair


(1) Prevents Scalp Infections

Coconut is antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antiparasitic in nature. Because of the so many properties associated with coconut, it can be used to protect our scalp from the risk of dandruff, lice, and itching, etc. which are known for causing the various scalp problem and slow down the growth of hairs.

(2) Keep Our Hair Healthy

Coconut is very beneficial for our hair because of the presence of essential nutrients like vitamin K and iron in it. These nutrients help in maintaining the overall health of our hair and add shine to them. It has been found that regularly massaging our hair with coconut oil provides nutrition to our hair because of the presence of high amount of saturated fat (around 92 %) in it.

Coconut oil also helps in making our hair shiny and lustrous and maybe this is the reason people in Indian subcontinent use coconut oil as a natural method to condition and nourish their hair. Because of the high level of nutrients present in coconut oil, it also helps in keeping dry scalp problem at bay. Dry scalp is a common scalp problem that can give rise to problems like dandruff, hair loss, itching of scalp, risks of infection, etc.

(3) Make Our Hair Shiny And Silky

Regular application of coconut oil helps in making our hair shiny and silky because of the high level of hair benefiting nutrients present in it. For using coconut oil for getting shiny hair, pour some pure coconut oil in a small bowl and heat it until it comes to a warm temperature. Now gently massage this warm coconut oil on your hair and scalp. It will not only make your hair shiny and silky but will also prevent problems like hair loss, dandruff, itchy scalp, dry scalp, etc. It is important to note that coconut oil used for massaging should be warm and not too hot as using too hot oil will harm your hair and scalp.

(4) Coconut Milk And Hair Benefits

Just like coconut oil, coconut milk is also very useful in making our hair healthy and beautiful because of the essential nutrients like fats, proteins, iron and manganese present in it. For using coconut milk for hair benefits, extract coconut milk by grating dry coconut and then grinding it to a smooth paste. Now strain this paste by using a fine cloth. It will separate the coconut milk. Massage the coconut milk so obtained into your scalp and cover your hair from roots to the tip. Let it dry naturally and rinse with water after 1 ½ hours to 2 hours. Let your hair dry naturally and then shampoo them next day. Using this coconut milk treatment once in a week helps in reducing hair fall problem and will also assist in making your hair smooth, silky, shiny and healthier.

Alternatively, You can whisk one can of coconut milk, four tablespoons of honey and four tablespoons of extra virgin oil together in a large bowl to form a mixture and then this mixture can be slowly poured onto the head. Cover your head with a plastic cup and then wash off your hair after 30-45 minutes. It will help in hair growth and will also assist in keeping your hair healthy and shinier.









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