How to Take Care of Yourself Based on Kibbe Body Type

Understanding your body type can significantly impact your approach to fashion, style, and self-care.

The Kibbe Body Type system offers insights into your unique characteristics and provides tailored recommendations. 

Explore Kibbe Body Types and learn how to take care of yourself based on your specific category: Romantic, Dramatic, Natural, Classic, Gamine, or Soft Classic.

How to Take Care of Yourself Based on Kibbe Body Type

The Kibbe Body Type System: An Overview

Before delving into specific body types, let’s understand the Kibbe system better. 

Developed by David Kibbe, it categorizes individuals into thirteen body types based on physical characteristics, bone structure, and facial features. 

These types not only influence fashion but also extend to self-care and grooming. 

If you have trouble figuring out which of these types is actually yours, take the Brainfall’s Kibbe Body Type Test.


Romantic individuals are known for their softness, curves, and delicate bone structure, often featuring small, rounded facial features. To care for yourself as a Romantic:

Skincare: Prioritize maintaining soft, hydrated skin. Opt for gentle, moisturizing products to keep your skin supple and glowing. When it comes to makeup, choose shades that enhance your natural features, embracing a soft and dreamy look.

Style: Embrace soft, flowing fabrics that complement your curves. Choose outfits that highlight your feminine shape, and don’t shy away from romantic details like ruffles and lace. These elements will help accentuate your inherent elegance.


Dramatic individuals have a bold and striking appearance, characterized by sharp angles and a strong bone structure. Pay attention to these aspects when caring for yourself as a Dramatic:

Skincare: Focus on clear, sculpted skin to emphasize your striking facial features. Experiment with bold makeup looks that enhance your dramatic bone structure and angular facial features.

Style: Embrace sleek, structured silhouettes that emphasize your boldness. Opt for bold patterns and statement pieces that complement your strong presence. Steer clear of overly frilly or soft styles that may diminish your dramatic impact.


Natural individuals exude a rugged and athletic appearance, often featuring a robust bone structure and broad shoulders. To care for yourself as a Natural:

Skincare: Prioritize a natural, healthy glow that reflects your outdoorsy spirit. Consider using minimal makeup or even going makeup-free to embrace your natural freckles and skin texture.

Style: Opt for relaxed, unstructured clothing that aligns with your casual and earthy vibe. Choose earthy tones and organic fabrics that resonate with your natural beauty. Avoid overly polished or stiff looks that may feel out of sync with your essence.


Classic individuals have a balanced and symmetrical appearance, boasting even proportions and moderate bone structure. Here’s how to care for yourself as a Classic:

Skincare: Maintain clear and balanced skin that accentuates your timeless beauty. Use makeup to enhance your natural features while adhering to clean and simple lines that highlight your classic elegance.

Style: Embrace classic, timeless fashion with well-tailored pieces and a palette of neutral colors. Avoid overly trendy or eccentric styles that may detract from your classic appeal. Your understated elegance will shine through.


Gamine individuals have a petite, youthful appearance characterized by small, delicate bone structure and sharp facial features. To care for yourself as a Gamine:

Skincare: Highlight your youthful features through skincare that maintains a fresh, energetic appearance. Use makeup to create playful looks that accentuate your sharp facial features and youthful charm.

Style: Embrace playful and eclectic fashion that mirrors your youthful spirit. Experiment with bold patterns and accessories to express your personality. Steer clear of overly mature or heavy looks that might not resonate with your innate playfulness.

Soft Classic

Soft Classic individuals have a harmonious and elegant appearance, marked by moderate bone structure and softly defined facial features. Here’s how to care for yourself as a Soft Classic:

Skincare: Focus on maintaining a soft, elegant glow that complements your graceful features. Use makeup to enhance your natural grace and pay attention to softly defined facial features that define your classic elegance.

Style: Embrace elegant, timeless fashion with soft, flowing fabrics and a palette of muted colors. Steer clear of overly flashy or dramatic styles that may overshadow your innate sophistication. Your understated beauty is your hallmark.

Understanding your Kibbe Body Type is a valuable step toward enhancing your self-care and style choices. While these recommendations provide helpful guidelines, remember that your unique personality and preferences should always take center stage. 

Embrace your individuality, and let your inner beauty shine through. By aligning self-care with your Kibbe Body Type, you can boost your confidence and enhance your overall well-being.

Embrace Your Unique Beauty

Tailoring your self-care practices to your Kibbe Body Type can be a transformative journey, one that not only enhances your confidence but also contributes to your overall sense of well-being. These guidelines serve as a compass, guiding you towards choices that accentuate your inherent beauty and uniqueness.

However, it’s essential to remember that these guidelines are not rigid rules but rather stepping stones towards self-acceptance. Your comfort and authenticity should always be your ultimate priorities. Embrace your individuality, quirks, and idiosyncrasies, for they are what make you uniquely beautiful.

By delving into the world of Kibbe Body Types, you embark on a voyage of self-discovery and self-love. The process of understanding and embracing your unique body type nurtures self-assurance, allowing your inner radiance to shine through. It’s a reminder that beauty comes in countless forms, each one deserving of celebration.

So, take the Kibbe Body Type test, explore the realms of style and self-care, and embark on this empowering journey. Embrace your distinct beauty, and let it radiate from within, for it is the essence of your uniqueness that truly sets you apart.

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