First Aid Treatment for a Broken Ankle

A broken ankle is a common problem that anyone can experience. Most people acquire it through a misstep, fall, or severe crash. If you or anyone is suffering from a broken ankle, it is essential to know the necessary first aid treatment, such as how to wrap ankle to lessen the swelling.

The first few minutes after the occurence of an accident is crucial in determining how far a therapy will be needed. With the right knowledge on how to take care of a broken ankle, the recovery period cuts down from months to weeks.

Ankle wrap

Here are several first aid treatments for a broken ankle:

Call emergency immediately

Before anything else, it is essential to secure the help of professionals. If there aren’t any medical experts in your area, have someone call the emergency hotline while you look after the injured party.

Check senses

Before starting any treatment steps, first, check if the injured person is still able to use his senses. It helps to determine whether there are internal problems that might be life-threatening.

Stop any bleeding

The initial step that you must do is to determine if there are areas where there is bleeding. If there are, try to elevate the leg in a manner that is not painful for the injured person. Afterward, apply pressure by using a clean or sterilized cloth.

Minimizing swelling

Before you start wondering about how to wrap an ankle, it is better to apply ice or anything cold to the injured area. By doing this, the blood vessels will become narrowed, and the swelling will dissipate. It is one of the primary reasons why you see athletes in an ice bath after a tedious game.

Applying a compression wrap

If you have experience in the application of compression wrap, then you must do it after following all the steps mentioned earlier. There isn’t a clear-cut rule on the proper way to wrap an ankle since it may differ on a case to case basis depending on the location and severity of the injury.

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However, the following are what you should keep in mind while wrapping a compression wrap:

  • Do not apply it on a protruding bone.
  • Make sure that the elastic bandage is comfortably tight.
  • The tightness of the bandage must be enough to hold the ankle firm, but without cutting off blood circulation.

As you can see, wrapping a compression wrap is a delicate process. As such, you should only do it if you are comfortable and sure that you have the right knowledge in applying the compression wrap.

For severe injuries with protruding bone 

If the injured party suffered a severe case of a broken ankle such that a bone is already through the skin, then it is best to cover the affected area with a clean bandage and wait for the medicals to arrive.

There isn’t much you can do if you are not an expert since this involves a risky situation that only professionals should handle.

Knowing what to do in an accident is crucial to saving not only your life but other people’s lives as well. It may determine whether a person knows what to do if an accident takes place. Nonetheless, keeping calm in these situations is also ideal so that you can follow all the steps without any problem.