Everything You Should Know Before Going for PDO Thread Lift in NYC

According to a new report from the retail analytics firm Edited, the beauty industry in New York City is on a rapid upward trajectory. The overall beauty industry may reach $532 billion, as cosmetics and personal-care companies continue to flourish with various beauty trends in the market. These include gender-neutral ‘self-care’ products, His & Hers assortment beauty products, and foray of PDO thread lift cosmetology in NYC.

The PDO thread lift is a popular beautifying trend, which is essentially a minimally invasive procedure for instant facelifts. The treatment is almost painless and offers benefits similar to Botox or surgery.

thread lift

What Is PDO Thread Lift? 

The procedure takes place with the help of threads called Polydioxanone (PDO). The treatment with these threads lifts and tightens the saggy skin tissue. The threads penetrate the deeper layers of skin, which later produce three effects in the skin. They are Collagen stimulation, neovascularisation, and skin tightening.

How Does It Work?

The PDO threads disappear after six months of the procedure. The threads are absorbed into the skin through a simple hydrolysis process. Due to cellular rejuvenation effects, the lifted facial contours remain for about four to six months.

The skin cells stimulated to produce new collagen to improve the micro-circulation of blood. In the meantime, the PDO threads cause the fat tissue to contract and create a facial slimming effect.

How Is PDO Thread Lift Performed?

Local anesthesia numbs the skin. As a result, sharp needles called cannulas insert in the PDO threads. These threads are placed in different layers of the skin. After insertion, the threads anchor the skin and lift it upwards. 

It takes about 15-30 minutes to complete the procedure depending upon the number of areas to be treated. Some discomfort may happen during the process, but with PDO thread lift NYC, it won’t last for long.

Different Types of Threads

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PDO threads come in two categories non-barbed and barbed. These threads are often known as “double screw” or “tornado”, or “heart barbs”. The thickness and length of the PDO threads affect its quality, tensile strength, and effectiveness. The doctor may use different threads for you, depending on your skin lifting and rejuvenation needs.

Is PDO Thread Lift Safe?

Statistics have shown that patients who used this technique to bring youthfulness to their skin are happy. Federal protocols like Personal Care Product Safety Act apply to all cosmetic clinics in the city to regulate their practices. So, you can be sure that this treatment is surprisingly safe.

Because the procedure is less invasive, unlike surgery, the threads are absorbed in the skin. This results in no infection and no thread breakage. Above all, if the PDO thread lift in NYC is done by an experienced professional, you will be safe hands.

The PDO thread lift is a practical non-surgical face lifting treatment that’s suitable for anyone looking to improve the appearance of sagging skin. Compared to other non-invasive face lifting options, PDO thread lift works faster and has more visible results.