Try This Amazing GM Diet Plan To Loose Weight In 7 days


Are you trying to lose a few pounds and need results in just seven days?  GM diet plan is the quick and efficient answer to it.


What is the GM diet?

It’s an eating plan developed by ‘General Motors- The American Car Company’. The following diet plan was introduced for its employees to lose weight for fitness and wellness.  

The officials collaborated with U.S Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which was first tested the research center named ‘John Hopkins’.

 The GM diet  is based on the principle that by eating only the foods in the eating plan, the body will burn off more calories than the food provides and it’s a great experience for not only getting skinner but also, feeling lighter and healthier.

It is basically a 7-day eating plan that has been reported to bring about weight loss of almost 10 to 17 lbs. which is much better than other conventional diet plans. It also helps in the detoxification process as the food required in GM diet is mostly all water that is, vegetables, soups, fruits, milk and also 6-8 glasses of water daily.

It is useful in throwing off the impurities from your system and gives you a feeling of wellbeing.

Therefore, if you’re really thinking about getting slim or lean in just a week, then here it is, The Gm diet plan.

GM Diet plan
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The Pre-eminent Part of the GM Diet Plan:

This mainly focuses on limiting your diet to eating just fruits, brown rice, bananas and loads of water so therefore, the cleansing of impurities and toxins from your body helps you to reduce a great amount of weight very quickly.

 It assists you to get into a habit of eating more fruits and fresh vegetables and gives you a real sense of well-being, both emotionally and physically, just after one week.  IMAGINE!


How Does It Work?

Okay, so now that I have already laid down a little sketch of the GM Diet Plan, let me just go on further with some guidelines that you may need if you choose this program for your health.




Day 1 – You need to consume only fruits throughout the day. You can actually eat all fruits excluding bananas but you can definitely include melon and watermelon. Drink plenty of water like 6 to 8 glasses a day.

Day 2 – Eat all the raw or cooked vegetables. You may start your day with a baked potato for breakfast with a little amount of oil. Enjoy all your vegetables as a salad. Don’t forget to drink loads of water.

Day 3 – Combine both fruits and vegetables in any amount without bananas or potatoes for the third day.

Day 4 – Milk and bananas are the choices for the fourth day. Eat as many as 8 bananas and drink at least 3 glasses of any kind of unsweetened milk as calcium is really important for your health.  This is the day when you can enjoy the special soup along with your bananas and milk.

Day 5 – Enjoy a meal of beef and also tomatoes that include two 10-ounce portions of lean meat with six whole tomatoes. It is important to increase your water intake to help your body get rid of the uric acid. Again, remember to drink plenty of water.

Day 6 – On day 6th, you can consume unlimited amounts of high, lean protein and vegetables.
Day 7 – Woah! Finally, the last day consists of eating all the vegetables you can consume, fruit juices and brown rice.


As you can see the meal chart above, the core function of this policy is to make you eat everything that is healthy. On the eighth day, you will be at least 10 pounds lighter.


Caution: Do not drink any kind of alcohol such as vodka, rum or any beer.

The beverages that you are allowed to consume while on the program:

1. Water
2. Black coffee without sugar
3. Tea-Herbal


GM’S Diet Soup Recipe:

It is the staple food of this whole plan and can be prepared in a large quantity for a week while doing this program and can be consumed in unlimited quantities.



1. Half a liter of water

2. Three tomatoes

3. Two green peppers

4. Six large onions

5. One cabbage

6. A bunch of celery


Method of Preparation

Chop up the onions and peppers. In a pot, sauté them in olive oil till they turn mild brown.Next, cut up the tomatoes, celery, and cabbage, and add them to the pot along with the water.

The soup takes about 60 minutes to prepare. The vegetables will need to be boiled and then left to simmer. At the last add some pepper and salt to your liking and enjoy a bowl of delicious soup which would be really healthy for your system.


Dos and Don’ts of the GM Diet:

Here are some do’s and don’t’s for your health success:

The Do’s

1. Enjoy the vegetables in a salad form, if desired.

2. Choose the vegetables you like and are a pleasure for you to eat.

3. Enjoy the soup in unlimited quantities starting on day 4 and beyond.

4. Use white or wine vinegar, lemon, garlic or herbs for added flavorings.

5. Substitute any vegetable in the GM soup recipe that you like.


The Don’ts

1. Do not use more than one teaspoon of oil on the vegetables

2.Do not use salad dressing.

3.Avoid beans such as kidney, pinto, lima beans, etc. as they are high in starch and calories


The Main Advantages of The General Motor’s Diet:

1. Lower in fat.
2. Higher in complex carbohydrates and fiber
3. Lower in sugar and salt.
4. Reduces serum cholesterol levels
5.  Decreases the risk for diabetes.
6. Helps you lose weight quickly and efficiently.
7. Reduces the risk of hypertension.


Basic FAQs:

Q1. Can everyone try the GM diet?
Yes, anybody can try this General Motor’s diet.

Q2. How effective is the GM diet for weight loss?
This plan is really effective because of the food that you need to consume during the program which is all water and healthy vegetables and fruits.

Q3. Can pregnant ladies try the GM diet?
No, this is not for pregnant ladies. You need to consult with your dietician first.

Q4. How old does one have to be to try the GM diet?
It is basically for those who are 18 years old or above.

Q5. Will I gain weight again once the GM diet is over?
If you start eating unhealthy food again and missing your exercise schedule then yes, you will definitely gain the weight you lost during that particular week.

Therefore, it is vital to follow the regimen in a sequential manner. Cheating and skipping any of the meal day requirements may cause the eating plan to be ineffective and could even cause you to gain weight instead of losing weight.


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